Alterations are priced from each aspect of the alterations. For example, side seams taken in and with a strip of boning put in is $85 to $100.00 depending on the type of inner structure, and your gown will fit beautifully and feel more secure with the boning. If the bodice gapes at the neckline, this can be addressed with small bust darts hidden in the design of the neckline and done from the inside so as not be obvious.  These are usually about $35.00 for both.

Most Brides need a few nips and tucks on their wedding gowns, and since most gowns are manufactured for heights of 5’9 the bride may need a hem done on the individual layers of her gown.  The following alteration services are offered at Carly's Bridal:



Hems are done by layers. Depending on the numbers of layers and the finish required, hems can be from $85 to $150. Lace hems can be upward of $300 to $500 for deep scalloped hems as they all have to be cut off and raised and re-sewn with invisible machining. Please try to order hem length – save yourself some money! Hems can also be lifted with a crinoline or a small hoop slip.



Bustles are done on the train of the gown to get them up out of the way for dancing. Over bustle is done with 1 hook and loop for a simple gown, or up to 7 hooks and loops, or buttons and loops for a fuller skirt and train.If the train is very full or long, a piggy back bustle may be required. Most bustles are $25 for the first connection and $15 for every additional connection. An under or French bustle is done with loops and long ties underneath the train. They are made of strong ribbon or twill tape.


Side Seams

Most side seams of a gown need to be fully unpicked before the alteration can proceed. Formal bridal gowns may have 4 to 6 layers in the bodice, most have boning that has to be moved or replaced. For bridesmaids and informal gowns $65 and $20 more if the gown needs to be reboned. For a formal wedding gown, $85 up to $125 is the gown is beaded.


Bust Darts

From $45 to $65 depending on layers and re-beading.


Bust Cups

Like a sewn in push up bra. – $35.00



These really enhance the skirts of the wedding gown. – Rental $50.00


Lace up backs

Replace zipper back with loops and lace up with or without a modesty panel. – $175


Gown Steaming

Gowns steamed with extra large bags. – $60

There may be some other requirements for individual brides, like re-beading, fixing zippers, replacements of hooks and eyes, or special colors for embellishments. Carly’s Bridal can perform all these and many more alterations or repairs to your items. Please contact me for a quote, or answers to all your questions.

We hope you enjoy your visit, please check back often to see our new products.