Alterations – Veils

Caryl’s Bridal Salon can create a custom designed Veil for your wedding or alter your existing one. Please see our price list below, and call or email us to make an appointment for your private consultation.

Bridal veils have a long history in the wedding ceremony, from protecting the bride from evil, to a sign of her chastity, and sometimes as a surprise for her groom! Today, veils are simply a statement of style, and a wonderful enhancement to the bride"s total ensemble. Veils can be fun, worn with just one layer, at the length of your choice, to compliment the style of your dress, or more traditional with two layers. The shorter layer, or blusher, can be worn over the face for the walk down the aisle, and then lifted for the ceremony.

Styles of veils are unlimited. Veils can have a cut edge or a variety of ribbons, pearls, flat cord, satin cord, or metallic and decorative thread edges. Veils also can have different cuts; regular veils are cut 108" wide. If you want a smaller or more delicate look try a veil cut at 72" wide. The regular cut has a two-tiered look gathered at the top comb, the trimmed edges framing the entire veil. Oval cut veils are two-tiered with the trim along both parallel bottom edges, but starting at the shoulder as opposed to the top of the comb.

Once you’ve chosen the length of your veil, and the edges and so on, you may want to wear it with a tiara, flowers, decorative hair pins, or with an heirloom piece from your family. Veils can be worn with their existing combs, or Velcro can be added to a head-piece and veil. Snaps can be attached to a tiara for removal at the reception. Some brides even make the longer veil detachable from the blusher veil, and then just wear the shorter veil with a tiara for the rest of the evening. There are no rules! Whatever suits your style, it’s your day!

If you have some design ideas of your own, or you would like some special touches added to your veil, like ribbon colour, bridal veil colour, reworking a vintage piece that you have, I can send you some ideas and a quote for pricing.

The images on this site are samples of popular veil styles available. These can be ordered online, or by calling us. For special lengths, cuts, or trims, please see veil chart for prices. For special lengths, measure from the approximate position the veil would be worn down to the length desired.

Veil colours available: White, Ivory, Shimmer White (very soft sparkle), Diamond White (goes with silks and all the new soft white bridal satins) Shimmer Ivory.

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